Changing Gears

Hard to believe I am on the cusp of turning fifty. Where did my forties go- or thirties for that matter?  Like it or not, time is taking the lead and It’s time to edit and rethink everything I do to carry forward from here.

I am more in tune with who I am today then I have ever been in my life- a gift from the universe – here you go, your about to be fifty.  I searched the web seeking out blogs that were specifically directed to the more mature lady, and there are some great ones out there, but I could not find one that I could really relate to so I am starting my own.  Some of you may like it, and a few may not- personal style is different for every one of us, this is just my take on it. I have been trying to edit my wardrobe so there are some basics that I can replace as needed but will for the most part stay the same, with the odd trendy piece thrown in for fun, below is a great example of the direction I have been going and tends to make packing for away trips easier.


wardrobe basics