All Juiced Up

Todays Nifty at Fifty post is all about Juice!  There is not a week that does not go by that you won’t find me guzzling one of these vitamin packed drinks. For the cost of your sugar and dairy laden coffee’s,  you can enjoy one of many vitamin rich juice combinations and it gets better – they deliver right to your door. Get yours now and feel good from the inside out.  Http://




Casual Chic

Todays Nifty at Fifty post is all about Casual Chic and the French women have this look perfected. Black is of course your go to and looking  slightly unkept is the key with your hair- I’ve been told that they sometimes get up and go without doing a thing to it in the morning.  These gals are wearing the basics with either a heel or some flats.






Pada Beret ( a play on words)

Todays Nifty at Fifty post is all about the Beret. Did you know the origin of the Beret started with farmers in the Basque region of France? Now it’s all over the runways and worn for years now by yours truly. This is a simple way to update your fall look without spending a fortune- get your head in one now and get ahead of the game.


Classic Camel

Todays Nifty at Fifty post is all about another classic for your closet, the Camel Coat.  This is an investment piece that is timeless and will go the distance for years to come- look around you, this perennial favorite is every where at different price points and pairs well with dressy as well as casual looks. Wrap yourself in some warmth today because it’s better to wear camel then to ride it!


The Bold and the Beautiful

Todays Fitfy at Fifty Blog is all about the bold lip. I’m obsessed with French women and noticed the few times I have been there, that the French love their bold lip- forget the Kardashian contour- I’ve yet to see a woman there do that. They keep their faces timeless and classic and so should you- go out and test drive some colors and experiment today!


For The Love of Turmeric

Today’s Nifty at Fifty post is all about the wonderous benefits of Turmeric.  As I have gotten older I started noticing that I was getting some imflamation and it was recommended that I start implementing Turmeric into my diet. Special thanks to Vicky  Archer for posting this great info by Nutritionist Lily Soutter.  Rather then use a big Pharma drug right away, it’s always a good idea to try the natural approach first. Consult with a ND doctor in your area fist to see If this is right for you.


Detox at Home
Recommended Tumeric Supplement