Ringing In A New Year

One could consider the outfit you wear on the eve of the end of the year to be a crucial sartorial decision.  If so, this would explain why so many woman agonize over what they are going to be seen in when the clock strikes midnight.  It’s an easy choice for me- generally something black, with a hint of sheen and dare I say now – a little shimmer.  Investment pieces such as a tuxedo jacket or a well tailored black skirt or dress can carry you through many clinks of the glass and adding sparkle can take you to the next level. What ever you choose, wear it well because if you look good, you will feel good! Happy New Year and all the best in 2017 from Nifty at Fifty.

In The Neck Of Time

Today’s Nifty at Fifty post is all about the skinny neck scarf as a quick to go accessory. I’m usually short on time when getting ready to fly out the door so throwing on a scarf can take an outfit from so-so to fabulous.  The added bonus is if your neck is starting to “age” it conceals well and when traveling is a quick way to change your look without having to over pack. Tie on one today !