I Can SEA Spring!


Todays Nifty at Fifty post is all about looking forward to spring or at least somewhere warm. While still enjoying the ski season, I’m already thinking about what I see myself wearing come June while touring through the French country side and just discovered a lovely line from a New York based company called “Sea” by Monica Polini and Sean Monohan http://sea-my.com also available on ShopBop. (http://ShopBop.com)  The clean estetique and shots of eyelet are  right up my alley and it’s hard not to imagine ones self somewhere warm with looks like these. Although not cheap, I’m going to watch for online sales and would not be surprised if you did not find knockoffs of these looks at a more doable price point at Zara. Eyelet is going to be huge this spring and ruffles are still every where, so make sure you look for similar styles at all your regular shopping destinations.


You Can Ring My “Isabelle”

Today’s Nifty at Fifty post is all about another amazing French woman knocking it of the park. At 63 years young and a mother of three, Isabelle Huppert just landed herself a Golden Globe for the role she played in the movie ELLE, which won for best foreign film. Isabelle oozes with personal style and flare that anyone can emulate, it just goes to show- regardless of a woman’s age, you can still attain success and look good doing it.  In a world where everyone seems to be spray tanned and botoxed, Isabelle exemplifies the term “aging gracefully” and her personal style is one of the reasons why I find French woman always getting it right.

Simple, Classic and Elegant,  with a little fun throw in for good measure……… Just as it should be.