The Run Around

Today’s Nifty at Fity post is all about the running shoe.  Not since the 70’s has the running shoe been so front and center.  I have actually accumulated several trainers now that are solely for fashion purposes only and they will never step foot in the gym.

I believe the reason the running shoe is so popular now is that people are tired of sore feet.  Let’s face it, you’ve got a zillion things on your to- do list and the last thing you want to deal with is sore feet half way through your day of errands.  Perhaps it’s the moms we have to thank for this- they gave up on the heel and now everyone is working the look- and with mom jeans to boot – but that’s another post!

These are  a few of my favourite looks- which can be found at any of your major department and shoes stores – you can’t swing a cat- or a Racket for that matter without hitting a running shoe now.