Style Is Ageless

By all accounts, if we lived in Hollywood, women over fifty would be considered old and no longer relevant. In Europe, and more especially in France, older women are admired. You don’t see many women filling their faces with Botox and fillers and if they do, it has been done with the lightest touch. No one looks like they have had an allergic reaction to a bee sting! Most manage to age gracefully and with an understated elegance. That is not to say they give up – to the contrary, they will have a great skin care regime and a wardrobe that has been carefully curated. There is a character that can be easily found in an older woman that is not trying desperately to hold on to her twenties and as we age, we should celebrate each stage we are in, as frustrating as that can sometimes be. May we all love ourselves a little more, and embrace the process as we go through life.