It’s All Black And White

As I write this, I am unsure if I will actually make it to France in May. The Covid Virus has shut down most of the world and traveling is heavily restricted. None the less, I remain optimistic that I will be sipping a Cafe’ Creme and eating Croissant soon enough and with that, I will continue to plan my travel wardrobe.

Those who know me well can attest to my penance for a black and white wardrobe. With a carryon suitcase in tow, everything needs to mix and match easily for me and this colour combo does the trick. The white shirt and black skirt combo really goes the distance and continues to look fresh all vacation long. Yes, I do have things dry cleaned when I travel if they really need it, but I can throw the shirt in a washing machine and hang to dry easily enough and most likely won’t need to clean the skirt the entire vacation. Here are a few photos courtesy of Pinterest that will give you some packing ideas.

Black and White is Ageless
Mix a black skirt with a black long sleeve tee for a casual elegance.
Tan accessories pair nicely with black and white
Take it up a notch with some pretty flats.
A great travel sandal that will do the distance from GEOX

As you can see, this is an easy look to pull off without taking up too much suitcase real estate. As always, I encourage you to plan your outfits in advance. I will devote an entire day to trying on different items and mixing and matching them six ways to Sunday to maximize my travel wardrobe, but minimize the space it takes up. If you do manage to get away this spring or Summer, Take the time to pack wisely and Bon Voyage!