Pardon My French

Many people visit Paris for the first time and report back that they found the French rude. Did it ever occur to these people that they could have been making a huge faux pas? (Literal translation – An embarrassing or tactless act or remark in a social situation) Chances are as an uninformed tourist, they did.

One of the great things about Google and bookstores, is that if a person just brushed up on the local etiquette, way of life and a few phrases, they would be treated better.

See photos below contrary to the running shoe rule. French women have embraced it!

Here are a few more tips from an American that now lives in France:

I hope this helps out anyone that is heading to Paris, or anywhere in France for that matter – these simple rules apply all over the country.

I also have to remind people ( Americans really) that the French still hold a bit of a grudge – I have been mistaken for an American and have to say “Je suis Canadien” in order to set them straight. Seems they still wish you all joined in the Second World War sooner and want many of the tourists from USA to stop expecting things in France to be just like in America ( as told to us by a Frenchmen ). I recommend you speak in a lower tone, and follow all the above advice, and they will react better. It is important to note – Waiters are paid a living wage in France and thus, should be treated as equals, they are definitely not someone working in a bistro while they go to school.

My husband and I hanging out in the Marais for dinner. The table is yours for the night in French establishments.

Credits: some excerpts and photos – Pinterest

For Pit-ty Sake

This Nifty at Fifty post is all about a healthy way to stay fresh. In concern for my health I recently began removing chemical laden products I use and Aluminum Chloride found in under arm antiperspirant was one of the first to go. I tried quite a few products before finding two that I really believe in. One is made right here in Calgary, Alberta and the other is made in Austin, Texas the birthplace for many natural products. I warn you now, you literally detox the chemicals in those drug store products for about a week or so before these products work ( see explanation below).  Stay patient, they work very well once you have detoxed.  Just about every health food store in Calgary carries routine and I personally order primal pit paste online and it is delivered to my door – costs are  considerably less with primal paste even with delivery charges. Consider the switch today.



Nailed It

imageShall we Chalet – Essie

Today’s Nifty at Fifty post is all about nails. In an attempt to simplify, I have decided to edit my nail colors, stick with a good manicure and stay away from artificial nails in an attempt to spend that money saved on more luxurious habits. It’s all about building a uniform at this age and that goes for your nails. Here are some neutrals that I have grown to love with a couple of reds thrown in for good measure- if it’s good enough for the French women, it’s good enough for us!

Product locator – Nail Glow- Christian Dior counter- Essie and OPI- Shoppers Drug Mart, Super Store, London Drugs.