It’s All Black And White

As I write this, I am unsure if I will actually make it to France in May. The Covid Virus has shut down most of the world and traveling is heavily restricted. None the less, I remain optimistic that I will be sipping a Cafe’ Creme and eating Croissant soon enough and with that, I will continue to plan my travel wardrobe.

Those who know me well can attest to my penance for a black and white wardrobe. With a carryon suitcase in tow, everything needs to mix and match easily for me and this colour combo does the trick. The white shirt and black skirt combo really goes the distance and continues to look fresh all vacation long. Yes, I do have things dry cleaned when I travel if they really need it, but I can throw the shirt in a washing machine and hang to dry easily enough and most likely won’t need to clean the skirt the entire vacation. Here are a few photos courtesy of Pinterest that will give you some packing ideas.

Black and White is Ageless
Mix a black skirt with a black long sleeve tee for a casual elegance.
Tan accessories pair nicely with black and white
Take it up a notch with some pretty flats.
A great travel sandal that will do the distance from GEOX

As you can see, this is an easy look to pull off without taking up too much suitcase real estate. As always, I encourage you to plan your outfits in advance. I will devote an entire day to trying on different items and mixing and matching them six ways to Sunday to maximize my travel wardrobe, but minimize the space it takes up. If you do manage to get away this spring or Summer, Take the time to pack wisely and Bon Voyage!

Style Is Ageless

By all accounts, if we lived in Hollywood, women over fifty would be considered old and no longer relevant. In Europe, and more especially in France, older women are admired. You don’t see many women filling their faces with Botox and fillers and if they do, it has been done with the lightest touch. No one looks like they have had an allergic reaction to a bee sting! Most manage to age gracefully and with an understated elegance. That is not to say they give up – to the contrary, they will have a great skin care regime and a wardrobe that has been carefully curated. There is a character that can be easily found in an older woman that is not trying desperately to hold on to her twenties and as we age, we should celebrate each stage we are in, as frustrating as that can sometimes be. May we all love ourselves a little more, and embrace the process as we go through life.

In A Blazer Of Glory

Todays Nifty at Fifty post is all about the Blazer.  With the smell of fall in the air comes layering and nothing pulls a look together faster then adding a Blazer to your outfit.  Dressy or casual, a Blazer will complete your ensemble in a matter of seconds- some would even consider it an accessory you can’t live without.  Here are a few you can get your hands on even if you can’t leave the house  thanks to online shopping and some candid street shots of women working the look. Be a trail Blazer!

J Crew Campbell Glen Plaid Blazer – J Crew, Nordstrom

J Crew Campbell Donegal Wool Blazer – J Crew, Nordstrom

J Crew Campbell Corduroy Blazer – J Crew, Nordstrom



City Chic Shimmer Jacket – Nordstrom Plus Size


Blazer with Elbow Patches – Zara

Velvet Military Jacket – Zara


Changing Gears

Hard to believe I am on the cusp of turning fifty. Where did my forties go- or thirties for that matter?  Like it or not, time is taking the lead and It’s time to edit and rethink everything I do to carry forward from here.

I am more in tune with who I am today then I have ever been in my life- a gift from the universe – here you go, your about to be fifty.  I searched the web seeking out blogs that were specifically directed to the more mature lady, and there are some great ones out there, but I could not find one that I could really relate to so I am starting my own.  Some of you may like it, and a few may not- personal style is different for every one of us, this is just my take on it. I have been trying to edit my wardrobe so there are some basics that I can replace as needed but will for the most part stay the same, with the odd trendy piece thrown in for fun, below is a great example of the direction I have been going and tends to make packing for away trips easier.


wardrobe basics