Bone Broth

I roasted an organic chicken last night for dinner and after eating, removed all the meat off the bones (I will make chicken salad with that) and popped them in a crock pot along with some garlic, onion, celery, lemon (skin on), and peppercorns along with water and left it to cook overnight. The result is a delicious and nutritious broth for lunch today. Here is a break down of the health benefits by Petes Palio Website.

Here is a recipe from the GOOP website

As you can see, there are several benefits to bone broth so next time you are going to throw away those bones, toss them in a crockpot and make yourself some broth.

Breton Style

When I travel, rather then bringing home some souvenir that will gather dust on a shelf, I like to buy a pice of clothing to wear that will remind me of my visit. Case in point will be my upcoming trip to Normandy, France for a nautical hit.

Saint James, the birth place of nautical gear, is made from sheep with a type of wool that has been raised in the salt marshes of the Normandy area. It provides an ideal strain of wool that has been keeping folks warm and cozy on the Atlantic for decades. In 1858, the Striped Breton Jersey became the official uniform of the French Navy, and was worn by CoCo Chanel before she was even a designer. Several decades later, it is a fashion staple “must have“ that many clothiers knock off, so it’s an easy to achieve this look without actually owning the original. Check of for prices and details. Ships Ahoy!

Photos – Saint James website.

The official French Navy Uniform
Coco Chanel wearing the Breton Jersey

Big Apple Shopping

Last week I was in New York to see my niece perform in an Off Broadway Cabaret. I’ve been to the big apple several times, so I did not feel the need to sight see, and instead chose to destination shop. High on my list this time was The Real Real, a high end consignment shop with a great online store, GOOP, Gweneth Paltrows brick and mortar boutique that offers many of her favourite non toxic beauty essentials and clothing showcased on her website of the same name, Uniqlo, a Japanese owned store full of great basics, and finally Ralph Lauren. I managed to get a little something at each store that still fit into my carry on. Although New York is an amazing place to shop, many of the stores have closed. Soaring rents have driven many away and I even bared witness to seeing Barneys of New York closing out.

Sure the biggies, Bloomingdales and Bergdorf Goodman are still around, but several for lease signs are posted all over Bleecker Street and the toni upper east side. SoHo on the other hand is brimming with stand alone stores from just about every designer including big skiwear lines like North Face and Rossignol. Here is where I went:

The Real Real – 80 Wooster Street. (SoHo) This location is the best

Uniqlo – 546 Broadway, New York ( SoHo)

GOOP – 25 Bond Street, New York ( NoHo)

Ralph Lauren Men’s – 867 Madison Ave, Ladies across the street 888 Madison Ave, ( Upper east side, by Central Park )

Uniqlo SoHo location
I purchased a packable light down jacket here.

Picked up the Face Glow and natural Goop perfume at GOOP.

The Real Real is THE place to go for high end consignment apparel, handbags and footwear. Also has a men’s section downstairs and a Cafe with a patio that has a tree that was planted by John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Ralph Lauren Madison Avenue location, right by Central Park oozes posh casual elegance – I would literally live in the store if I could.

The end of Barneys
SoHo Shopping Area
Pouring rain in New York so dressed to keep warm.
Photo by Element5 Digital on

Style Is Ageless

By all accounts, if we lived in Hollywood, women over fifty would be considered old and no longer relevant. In Europe, and more especially in France, older women are admired. You don’t see many women filling their faces with Botox and fillers and if they do, it has been done with the lightest touch. No one looks like they have had an allergic reaction to a bee sting! Most manage to age gracefully and with an understated elegance. That is not to say they give up – to the contrary, they will have a great skin care regime and a wardrobe that has been carefully curated. There is a character that can be easily found in an older woman that is not trying desperately to hold on to her twenties and as we age, we should celebrate each stage we are in, as frustrating as that can sometimes be. May we all love ourselves a little more, and embrace the process as we go through life.


If you don’t already own a navy blazer, then you need to add one to your wardrobe. This versatile staple can be dressed up or down and takes your outfit to the next level. I wear mine all year long so it makes it a great year round option. 

Layer with various blue hues
Mad about plaid
Take it nautical with a striped tee
Pair with jeans and a white Tee
Navy, Grey and Camel

Le Marais


Every time we visit Paris we stay in a different arrondissement (neighbourhood) and last summer it was the Marais. Once the aristocratic district of Paris it spreads across parts of the 3rd and 4th arrondissement on the right bank of the Seine. It’s now one of the main localities for art galleries, trendy restaurants, fashion houses and also known as the Jewish, Chinese and LGBT area of Paris. I would rather spend my money on fashion then big fancy hotels and if you’re not renting an apartment then the 1 ER Etage hits the spot. Enter through a small door off the street and you will find yourself climbing a winding staircase ( this is why you only pack carry on) and come upon the front door. You will be given a code to enter both the front door as well as your room. This location offers five rooms with all the charm of a Paris apartment and includes breakfast served in the sitting area.

38 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie, 75004 Paris, France