Style Is Ageless

By all accounts, if we lived in Hollywood, women over fifty would be considered old and no longer relevant. In Europe, and more especially in France, older women are admired. You don’t see many women filling their faces with Botox and fillers and if they do, it has been done with the lightest touch. No one looks like they have had an allergic reaction to a bee sting! Most manage to age gracefully and with an understated elegance. That is not to say they give up – to the contrary, they will have a great skin care regime and a wardrobe that has been carefully curated. There is a character that can be easily found in an older woman that is not trying desperately to hold on to her twenties and as we age, we should celebrate each stage we are in, as frustrating as that can sometimes be. May we all love ourselves a little more, and embrace the process as we go through life.

The End of A Decade

It’s New Years Eve day, and a time to take stock of the year that was, and the year to come. But this feels different, 2020 feels like a more momentous turn of the calendar – the beginning of a new decade, almost begging for more commitment to your resolutions in the New Year. What will you do?

Being in my fifty’s, one feels as though committing to a resolution holds more value then when I was younger. Perhaps it’s because, like most resolutions, people choose to improve their health. Many sign Christmas cards with “Health and Happiness” and as we age, this could not be more important. So, will this be the year you take your health, both physically and mentally more seriously? Little changes in your daily life can add up, don’t worry about the “go big or go home“ approach, that tends to lead to failure. Take one day at time – start walking every day, cut back on sugar, white flour and processed foods, and add more vegetables to your diet. These small changes don’t cost a lot, but in the end, can make a world of difference.

Wishing You A Very Happy And Healthy New Year from Nifty at Fifty!


If you don’t already own a navy blazer, then you need to add one to your wardrobe. This versatile staple can be dressed up or down and takes your outfit to the next level. I wear mine all year long so it makes it a great year round option. 

Layer with various blue hues
Mad about plaid
Take it nautical with a striped tee
Pair with jeans and a white Tee
Navy, Grey and Camel

Le Marais


Every time we visit Paris we stay in a different arrondissement (neighbourhood) and last summer it was the Marais. Once the aristocratic district of Paris it spreads across parts of the 3rd and 4th arrondissement on the right bank of the Seine. It’s now one of the main localities for art galleries, trendy restaurants, fashion houses and also known as the Jewish, Chinese and LGBT area of Paris. I would rather spend my money on fashion then big fancy hotels and if you’re not renting an apartment then the 1 ER Etage hits the spot. Enter through a small door off the street and you will find yourself climbing a winding staircase ( this is why you only pack carry on) and come upon the front door. You will be given a code to enter both the front door as well as your room. This location offers five rooms with all the charm of a Paris apartment and includes breakfast served in the sitting area.

38 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie, 75004 Paris, France

The Husband Shirt.





Safe to say, most of us gals have at some point in our lives borrowed a crisp white shirt from our boyfriends, father, brother or husband.  The white shirt is a wardrobe staple and can easily be dressed up or down, which is why it’s one of the items that I pack when I travel.  I’m drooling over the Misha Nonoo  ” Husband Shirt” and anticipating its arrival on my door step any day now!  A front runner two years back for the Vogue Fashion Fund award, and rumoured to be the one that introduced Meghan Markle to Prince Harry, Misha’s minamalist approach to The Easy Eight includes the must have white shirt.  If ever there was a ground zero piece in your closet, this is it.



In The Trenches

Spring Time is around the corner and with the warmer weather we excitedly put away our winter coats and jump into something lighter.  The Trench Coat is always a great “go to”, it keeps the chill off and protects us in the rain. Designers are showing this seasonal classic in a longer hem line for S/S 2018. Every store is carrying them, find out what one works for you!

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Fanny Pack Attack!


They say everything old is new again and the resurrection of the Fanny Pack slash Belt Bag is back!  Men and women alike wore these in the 80’s and this hands free approach to fashion is a welcome sign for gals like me who want to shop and travel hands free.  Price points are all over the map with top designers as well as inexpensive shops carrying their own version of this re-do – just remember, this is a trend and so as fast as it may be a ” of the moment style” it can be just as quickly be out of date, so buyer beware!